Our pre-soldered fittings are high quality, easy to use, and cost much less. That is why we offer a 30 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.*

*No one has requested that we make good on our money back guarantee offer.

Cost – Comprehensive Cost Comparison Cost of fitting only Cost of fitting and solder Costs Less
Fittings IAPMO Approved
Meets ANSI & NSF61 Standards
Whatever you are currently using Best Quality Available
Solder 9,500 psi lead free Usually 4,500 psi lead free Stronger joint
  IAPMO & UPC Certified Whatever you are using Highest Quality Solder
  Thicker viscosity fills voids easily Thinner viscosity does not fill void easily Fills Voids Easily, Solder Appears Indicating Joint is Complete
  Low melting point - 450° Higher melting point - 600° No Dripping, Less Chance of Burning Flux
  50% more solder than needed Amount difficult to determine More Solder Than Needed
Ease of Use Heat 2 opposite sides. Stop as soon as solder appears. Joint is complete Difficult, sometimes hard to place solder and heat where it's needed Very Easy
Soldering Time 40 seconds 1 minute and 40 seconds 60% less time
Water in Line? Small amount of water is okay No - line must be dry Saves Time
Fitting Shape and Size Open ends are perfectly round and correctly sized Not always sized correctly Stronger joint
Instance of Call-backs No — finished joint is strong and secure Yes - Call-backs due to leaks SavesTime and Money
Purchasing Order and we ship Trip to the store Save Time and Money