Pre-Soldered Fittings Specifications and Certifications

Copper Fitting Specification/Certifications

IAPMO & NSF61 Standards
Strict ANSI Specification
Material Specification to ASTM B88 and Alloy C12200

Approved for Government work:
Buy American Act/Trade Agreement Act
Federal Acquisition Regulation clause no. 52.225-11 (Mar. 2009)

ANSI B16.22, EN1254, JIS H 3401, AS3688, KS Standards NSF (USA), IAPMO (USA) KITE (UK), AENOR (ESP), JIS (JP), QAS (AUS) KS (KOR), and I09001

Solder Specification/Certifications

IAPMO & UPC Certified
Complies With ISO 9002 Standards

This specific Fry’s solder possesses the strongest physical properties of any lead free solder on the market and features the lowest melting point (403 Degrees F) and the highest tensile strength (9,500 p.s.i.) It is made of a proprietary combination of tin, bismuth, silver, copper and is lead free. When heated, this solder remains in a thicker state, fills in any voids, and provides a stronger leak proof joint.

Pressure To Failure: Room temperature pipe burst pressure tests were performed. The average pressure to failure was 3,920 p.s.i. with the failure occurring by a split tube.

Recommended Flux

IAPMO Certified

Fry’s Fire Eater is recommended. This is a water soluble paste flux that meets ASTM B-813 standards. It takes the high torch heat for lead free solders, is self cleaning and non corrosive, flows well and won’t smoke or burn off.

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